Apostles Alliene and Hamp Johnson, Overseers
Apostles Alliene and Hamp have been married twenty plus years.

They have been in ministry forty years. Since 1993, they have planted eight churches under “Heart of Jesus Ministries within the Detroit Metropolitan area!

The Johnson's believe, their commission is to "Renew, "Restore," (the wounded), and "Release," the believer to fulfill their purposes that Christ, Jesus has destined them too.

The many years of service to the Lord has allowed the Johnson's to minister in churches from four members to being on staff of a 4000 member church.
The Johnson's have planted eight churches in Michigan. They recently have moved to Palm Bay, FL where they are awaiting instructions from the Holy Spirit in where and when they are to plant the next ministry God desires for them to oversee. ​

With all that God has allowed the Johnson’s to do they believe one of their greatest gifts in ministry, is their strong marriage. To create a picture to the church and world to visually see the death of Jesus, for His bride. The Johnson’s both have made their choice to prefer each other; and to surrender their own desires for personal promotion. To take their differing gifts and their callings to allow the unconditional love of Jesus, to flow through them, as they preach side-by-side, both in-house and evangelizing!

The Johnson's have the six most awesome, gifted, called and anointed children you will ever meet. Not excluding their three son-in-laws, plus the future leaders of the church and world in their twenty-one grand-children, and one great grandchild.

For Speaking Engagements:
​PH: 248.514.5318