Side Kicks For The Arts!
Who We Are and What We Do!
     Side-Kicks national out-reach ministry reaches into the heart of the body of Jesus Christ preparing them spiritually, mentally and physically for a lifestyle of worship through fine-arts.

    Side-Kicks spiritually trains leaders and lay people through conferences, preaching and teaching the spiritual power behind worship. Students learn the Hebrew and Greek names for praise and worship; power of prayer behind all worship ministries; the use and meaning of flags, banners, billows and shofars in the worship ministry. Colors, numbers, gems and even plant life meanings as applied in worship through fine-arts.

    Side-Kicks mentally prepares the people of God how to build each other up and reach out to their communities using various forms of worship, through fine-arts programs.
    Side-Kicks physically trains individuals with hidden fine-arts talents for every form of dance, vocal, acting etc. Pastor Alliene besides being an ordained Pastor is also a master dance teacher of every form of dance.

    Side-Kicks outreach ministry goes into schools, workplaces, recreation centers etc. teaching the un-churched not only ballet, tap, liturgical etc. dance but opens and closes in prayer, leading children and adults alike into a life with Christ, through the use of