We believe in the trinity consisting of "God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. (Mt. 3:16,17; 28:19; 2Co. 13:14 and 1Jn. 5:7).

    We believe that Jesus Christ the son of God manifested in flesh, born through the virgin Mary, conceived by the Holy Spirit. That Jesus came to swallow up the death of Adams sin through His shed-blood on the cross and without His shed-blood there is no remission of sin. That Jesus Christ resurrected three days later from the dead and is now seated at the right side of the Father and that all power and judgment has been given to Him. (Is. 7:14; Mt. 7:18-25; Col. 2:9)

    We Believe that Jesus promised us comfort and power through the coming of God the Holy Spirit, which was fulfilled on the day of Pentecost. That the believer that ask and believes for the Holy Spirit, shall receive this same power today, with both the evidence of power and speaking in tongues. (Acts 1&2; Luke 11:13; 24:49).

    We believe that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to us by the Word of God in (1Co. 12) and all Holy Scripture still exist today and will manifest in the earth through this ministry and all believers.

We believe in justification, and sanctification through obedience and application to God's word in our lives; that through the power of the Holy Spirit and stirring up that gift that is within us that the believer will enter a place of presence that will transform the obeying believer into God's holiness in accordance to the infallible Word of God, known to us as the Holy Scriptures. (Rom. 5:1-2; 1Jn. 1:9; Jude 1).